How Well Does the Bona Hard Floor Care System and Chemicals Job?

Wood Floors: There’s hardly anything that makes a home interior appearance much more appealing, appealing, and warm than lovely timber floors. Like an item of great wood furniture, classy-looking timber floors immediately pass on the beauty and also a specific charm to an area.

Among the significant issues encountered by the homeowner with wood, floorings are attempting to maintain those floors looking pristine and also attractive. A new, glossy-looking timber flooring stimulates a specific “wow – wonderful” feedback from the audience. However, in time the look of the flooring starts to degrade – and all efforts to maintain the floor looking as fantastic as when it was brand-new generally fall short of the mark. Easy web traffic dulls and wears the finish, and also wood floors have unique needs for cleaning – they can not be rubbed and also wiped, etc as can durable floor tile floors.

Now, wood floor (as well as, difficult flooring – i.e., laminate and also rock) treatment has because of the enhancing popularity of BONA Hardwood and also Stonecare Products.

BonaKemi: Considering that 1919, BonaKemi has given professionals premium top quality ending up and also cleansing items developed to keep the all-natural charm of timber floors. With international headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, and also subsidiaries and also distributors in over 50 nations, BonaKemi has led the sector worldwide with ingenious, eco-responsible options for a formerly hazardous and poisonous procedure. The pioneer of waterborne surfaces in the market, Bona offers the cleanest, most convenient as well as healthiest hardwood floor finishing process readily available.

Bona gives one of the most highly advanced, environmentally liable wood as well as hard surface flooring treatment items on the market today. Being the very first to create a flooring cleaner and mop specifically for wood floors, Bona’s Swedish Solution ® Flooring Treatment System with safe waterborne cleaner as well as microfiber wipe is the right, very easy, as well as eco-safe method to take care of wood and also difficult surface area floorings.

Greenguard: The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) develops a legitimate third-party product qualification program for indoor products to enhance public health by helping suppliers build safer products. These items will certainly not contaminate the air with dangerous degrees of hazardous chemicals or particulates. Today, lots of homeowners and entrepreneurs are demanding environmentally healthy and balanced products for their homes, and also engineers, building proprietors as well as facility supervisors are specifying GREENGUARD accredited products to resolve indoor air high-quality problems. Currently, BonaKemi is the only supplier in the sector to use a complete hardwood floor completion and also flooring treatment system GREENGUARD licensed for interior air high quality.

Children and also Colleges Program: The cleaning items and also systems are certified not just for GEI’s Indoor Air Top quality, but additionally for its more strenuous Item Exhaust Criterion for Children and Schools, established to define low releasing materials for instructional as well as learning/play settings for young kids. The much more rigid criteria for GREENGUARD’s Kid as well as Schools program were established since the majority of U.S. colleges have inadequate indoor air top quality, which is among the top 5 human health hazards, according to the U.S. Epa (EPA). Moreover, kids are much more vulnerable to create health issues because of poor interior air quality because they take in proportionately even more air than grownups, making them much more vulnerable to toxins such as particular unpredictable organic compounds (VOCs), particles, and allergens.

Bona’s property floor treatment systems that have passed the GREENGUARD Kid and Schools standards include Bona ® Swedish Formula ® Hardwood and Rock, Floor Tile & Laminate Flooring Cleansers. The Wood Floor Treatment items are designed especially for the easy and effective upkeep of polyurethane completed hardwood floors. The Rock, Floor Tile & Laminate Flooring Care products function well on all kinds of hard surface area floors covered with a clear, unwaxed finish such as plastic, no-wax linoleum, terrazzo, unglazed floor tile (ceramic, Mexican Saltillo, quarry), rock as well as secured porous marble.

This product meets its promises. The Bona people have an established, easy, easy-to-use system that essentially includes dirt mopping, and afterward cleaning the floor with a special micro-fiber “wipe” pad. This process is incredibly quick. When the floor shows scrapes or needs a little bit higher level of maintenance, the “Restorer” is used rather than the Cleaner to create an “as-new” shine. The BonaKemi system secures lovely wood floorings worldwide. Stylish homes, sports floors, hotels, galleries as well as dining establishments all count on Bona’s complete system for exceptional quality that lasts.

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